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The Function and Principle of Helmet in Sports (2)

For this reason, the bicycle helmet that accords with the CPSC standard was developed, which has ABS plastic shell and polystyrene foam wrapped inside. Later, more updated outer shell materials such as PVC and expensive polycarbonate greatly reduce the weight of helmets. Generally speaking, the bicycle helmet should be able to withstand at least two impacts. One impact happens when the cyclist collides with other cyclists or vehicles, and another occurs when the cyclist falls down and hits the ground. These materials mentioned above effectively buffer the impact force.

Since bike cycle helmets emerged, its shape has changed a lot. The round helmet is out of date. Now the helmet conforms to the aerodynamics principle. It has a smaller brim and breathable vents that really keep the cyclist cool. In addition to a road bike helmet, mountain bike helmet for road biking comes out as mountain biking emerges. The main function of a bicycle helmet is to make sweat evaporate at a low speed in hot weather.

It is beyond doubt that bicycle helmets protect the lives of cyclists. According to the report by America Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 98 percent of those who died in bicycle accidents did not wear helmets, and wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries in accidents by 85 percent. Besides, wearing helmets makes you feel cool and great. At the same time, vents in helmets cool your head. As an old saying goes, a clear mind is more likely to win the competition.

In the end, let’s take a quick look at the principle of the helmet in protecting the head. Because the polymerized spheres in the helmet can absorb impact force, so wearing a helmet can buffer the head of the victim. However, when the cyclist without wearing a helmet falls down and hits the ground, cerebral edema and hemorrhage are prone to occur. Wearing helmet avoids these tragedies.

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