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Smart Community Solution


Terminus Group Smart City Solutions enable city IoT perception, city management, community service and other functions, raise the intelligent level of government supervision, service and decision-making, and develop new management models of high effciency and convenience, serving as a smart brain and management decision platforms for cities.



Community security is now smarter with Terminus Group’s industry-leading access control technologies, which not only improves the efficiency of social management, but also gives citizens greater peace of mind. Moreover, smoke detectors and firefighting equipment in in-building public areas and rooms are also connected to enable convenient access to their real-time working status. This will help communities to eliminate fire hazards.


Refined Societal Governance

Dynamic and static community management

Building Safe Cities By Supporting “Public Security Pilots”

Improving Societal Governance Building Smart Cities



People-Centered Unified Sensing

Improved community security services

Better community service efficiency

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