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The Function and Principle of Helmet in Sports (1)

The bicycle has gradually been a favorite means of transportation and entertainment after it was invented. After cycling became an athletic sport, people like it even more. However, Cycling, as a high-speed sport, faces safety problems. Thus, the idea of wearing a helmet occurred to people. The bicycle helmet not only ensures the safety of cyclists but also improves the performance of racing cyclists. As early as the 1880s, some bicycle club members had realized the benefits of wearing helmets. Later, with more and more tar roads and gravel roads being built, head injuries in bicycle accidents increased. The pith helmet came into being.

Pith is used as a cushion to absorb impact force. But the pith helmet was soon replaced by the helmet with paddle leather, which was popular till the 1970s. This helmet was first called hairnet because it has strips of padded leather, looking like a net over the head. This custom cycling helmet was very popular, with soft and high-quality leather and foam inside. The helmet does protect the cyclist’s ears from rubbing or bruise. However, it is poor at impact resistance.

The advent of a soft helmet is a crucial development stage. This helmet looks like a bowl with vent holes. The helmet is made of polystyrene and wrapped with LYCRA. Later, the side of the helmet was added with a foam pad.

The standard for anti-collision and buckle of bike cycle helmets was proposed by CPSC in the mid-1970s. Besides, there are many other standards proposed by different organizations, such as the SNELL Foundation, the National Institute of Standards, and the American Society for Testing Materials. At that time, only one kind of light motorcycle helmet met these standards. Cyclists, however, refused to wear this helmet because it was heavy and airtight.

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