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Tea Adulteration Testing Now Available at Lifeasible

As a leader in food authenticity testing, Lifeasible provides comprehensive techniques to help detect adulterated and contaminated food before it hits the shelves. Now, Lifeasible provides services for the detection and identification of tea adulterations.

Tea (CamelliasinensisL.) is regarded as one of the most popular beverages in the world for thousands of years. Tea not only tastes delicious, but is also reported to be beneficial for human health, helping to reduce the chance of obesity, and preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, with the increasing worldwide demand for tea products, tea adulteration has become a common practice in the tea market. Therefore, in order to protect consumers’ rights, it is important to detect adulteration in various types of tea products.

With increasingly stringent requirements for food safety and quality, food testing has become an integral part of the food industry. As a leading biotechnology company with leading food and feed analysis technologies, Lifeasible provides consumers, manufacturers, and regulatory authorities with a complete set of food testing services.

Now, Lifeasible can help test many types of adulterations in tea products, including artificial coloring and facing, addition of foreign materials, as well as mislabeling of geographical and/or botanical origins.

“With full-fledged analytical platforms and experts in biochemistry and statistics, we offer one-stop customized solutions for clients worldwide from sample preparation to data collection, analysis, and interpretation.” Commented the official speaker from Lifeasible.

Moreover, Lifeasible provides Microbiology Testing, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Testing, Residues and Contaminants Testing, Chemical and Nutritional Analysis, Food Additives Testing, Allergens Testing, Authenticity Testing, Physical and Chemical Properties Testing, Food Sensory Analysis, Food Packaging Testing, and Shelf Life Testing to help with food testing.

If you would like to know more about the tea adulteration testing service offered by Lifeasible, please visit https://www.lifeasible.com/custom-solutions/food-and-feed/food-testing/authenticity-testing/tea-adulteration-testing/.

About Lifeasible

As a biotechnology company, Lifeasible is specialized in agricultural science, offering a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.

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