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Matters needing attention when using the new oil press

When the new type automatic oil press is in use, it has a high oil output rate, can automatically control temperature, automatically stop filtering, and the device is easy to use, durable, and beautiful in structure. It is a relatively good oil press machine electric sugarcane juicer machine. Pay attention to the following items when using the new oil press:

The first is that the pressure oil in the oil pump must be filtered and disposed of when using the oil press equipment, and its concentration should not be too high. When choosing oil extraction, you cannot choose unstable oils such as gasoline fresh orange juice extractor machine. For ordinary oil extraction, it is best to use edible oils such as soybean oil and peanut oil.

Second, the fuel tank of the automatic oil press must be kept clean. The fuel tank must be cleaned regularly, and the oil must be changed to ensure that the fuel tank is not blocked by impurities in the tank pipeline. If the oil line is blocked, it will easily affect the oil press Work efficiency.

Third, when the oil press is used for a long time small stand up juice pouch filling machine, it must be smoothed with smooth oil, which can reduce the wear of various parts, especially on the pin shaft connecting the handle and the oil pump.

Fourth, when the oil press is in use, you must choose a good application site to ensure that the oil press is not exposed to wind and rain. This will make the parts of the oil press rust, and the rusted parts will contaminate the food. oil.

Fifth, when the oil press is not used for a long time, you must remember to wipe the machine clean, apply oil, and cover the protective cover so that the oil press can be well maintained without being corroded.

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