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Jagex only send a mod to OSRS gold

Dumb question but why don’t Jagex only send a mod to OSRS gold these locations daily to manually ban them all? Feels like that’s hardly any attempt for Jagex and could hurt the robots into the point where it is not worth doing?Better than thatthey can get the names of those accounts, look at their play habits because all that is recorded and prohibit all accounts with exactly the same profile of activities.

Either way, RWTers will always make more robots but Jagex will kill all of the bots active then utilize statistics to slow down the farmers, forcing them to change the bot, which makes it less efficient. They move on to a different piece of content.

Then Jagex apologizes and gives them another free week of membership and a kiss on the forehead to start up again.

Meanwhile a few jmod sells a few bil.

These bots are prohibited almost daily. They are recreated and rsetup almost daily. The very low stat requirement makes it easy to bot over and over again. Think something similar to 1200 are banned from this place a day. The only way that they’ll stop it is when they upgrade to RS3s anti cheat in buy runescape mobile gold which they can see if you’re using a VPN.

Botters can make more account Than a mod could physically click them. If you’re trying to use player mods for this, goodluck lol, participant mods are fucking useless. If you mean like real game developer mods, no, they should focus on developing the sport (bot detection particularly ) rather than manually banning the bots as that is a massive waste of effort and money.

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