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Feature of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer

Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer body is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production technology. The structure of the vehicle is reasonable, reliable, easy to operate, and beautiful. All parts are manufactured by famous manufacturers at home and abroad, and they are purchased, inspected, and used in strict accordance with the requirements of quality system documents to ensure the good performance of the vehicle.

The Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer body and main beam: cutting by the laser cutter and welding by laser positioning welding machine, good quality with beautiful welding. The thickness is designed to depend on the loading capacity of the trailer and road condition. The common material is Q345, 5mm or 4mm thickness.

Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer is used for the transportation of dry powder materials such as fly ash, cement powder, lime powder and mineral powder, and pneumatic unloading. As is known to all, the remainder and discharge speed are very important to the bulk cement tank container semi-trailer. Under the pressure of 0.2MPa, the average unloading rate of the cement tanker is not less than 1.2t/min of our bulker, and the Remainder rate less than 0.05 tons.

Feature of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer
1. Loading rate >98% fully filling
2. Residual rate <0.3% 3. Delivery height >15m suitable most silo
4. Faster unloading >1.5ton/min save fuel
5. The tank body and chassis are made of durable high-strength steel.
6. We design high-performance and economical configurations according to the special requirements of African markets.
7. This design emphasizes safety and durability. Shock resistant, off-road, multiple reinforcement points, ABS and sensitive brakes

Advantage of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer
1. No.1 sales volume in China market for 8 years since 2011
2. Advanced technology, equipment, and production line
3. Quality guarantee, best cost performance
4. Fast and completely discharge, Less residual
5. We are a manufacturer, provide customized service, design as the customers’ every request

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