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How Many Kinds of Bearings are there and What are the Uses? (Part 1)

Bearings are a dominant parts in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission of the equipment.

There are many types of bearing. Bearings are classified into radial bearings and thrust bearings according to hthe different bearing directions or nominal contact angles. According to the types of rolling elements, it is divided into: ball bearings and roller bearings. According to whether it can be adjusted, it can be divided into: self-aligning bearings, non-aligning bearings (rigid bearings). According to the number of rows of rolling elements, it is divided into single row bearings, double row bearings, and multiple row bearings. According to whether the parts can be separated, it can be divided into: separable bearings and non-separable bearings. In addition, there are classifications according to the structural shape and physical size. This article mainly shares the characteristics, differences and corresponding uses of the 4 common bearings.

  1. Angular contact ball bearings

There is a contact angle between the ring and the ball. The standard contact angles are 15°, 30° and 40°. The larger the contact angle is, the greater the axial load capacity will be. The smaller the contact angle is, the more conducive to high-speed rotation will be. The single row bearings can stand the radial load and the unidirectional axial load. The two single row angular contact ball bearings combined on the back of the structure share the inner ring and outer ring, which can bear the radial load and the bidirectional axial load.

The main purpose:

Single row: machine tool spindle, high frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifugal separator, front wheel of small car, differential pinion shaft. Double rows: oil pumps, roots blowers, air compressors, various transmissions, fuel injection pumps, printing machinery.

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