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Was not the video to Madden 21 coins

Perhaps this was not the video to Madden 21 coins broadcast the apparent laundry list of issues, but just saying”Madden sucks now” rather than encouraging it using any examples is not a good method to gather support to your cause. If I had had even some concrete examples of why Madden sucks now maybe I would be more prepared to support the reason this guy’s going for.Thanks for this. Stop watching after 2 minutes thinking it was almost over but then realized it’s a 12 minute movie.

Ironic considering the majority of the video is him ranting on EA for dragging out repetitive/useless/reskinned content simply because it’s easy cash.Probably other commenters saying the same, but this dude has several other movies documenting what is actually bad about Madden from the last 8 years. This is his worst movie, because he did a review.

He has a formal overview of Madden 21 (the game is bad) which discusses specifically what is bad about it. Face of the franchise is an dumbed down awful wannabe of all MyCareer kind match types. Franchise mode is nerfed, the Yard is the new thing and it’s not simulation football.That is his movie hoping to Mmoexp Madden nfl 21 coins get us to protest, which likely should have been contained in his critique, or some of the video should have been tacked on the end of his inspection video.I concur with you, I have never been a lover and know just how much the franchise has

the bed however this movie did not tell me anything new.Whatever they are doing, it’s being rewarded with customers in a purely capitalistic sense. Madden 2021, regardless of this thread and the metacritic score, will make more income for EA than any Madden game before.

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