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I messed up BIG TIME somehow on the Shilo Village quest

I messed up BIG TIME somehow on the Shilo Village quest – is there some method to start over? I have been trying to finish pursuit for a month now! I can not recognize the ruins. I have attempted to return to the beginning and do everything again, I’ve searched every inch of this cave – LITERALLY EVERY INCH! – When I return to OSRS gold Tuff he informs me to bury the remains in the center of town instead of at the statue such as the pursuit guides say. If I struck the Quest status on my character it states the following still needs to be done (not crossed off yet)I have around 5M, but I would prefer a profitable method before dumping 2Mish on chins. Well if you truly plan on pursuing a future in range, you want access to broad tipped bolts. I’m not saying that these are great for instruction, but for certain scenarios such as Aviansies, they’re incredible. However, in order to use these bolts, you need 55 slayer. Do not worry, most slayer jobs are rangeable and some even offer exceptional xp.

Now with wide tipped bolts (or among many other variety weapons) you can train effectively at Pest Control. Although the hourly xp here isn’t surprising, you may use the reward points on scope, allowing you to keep your hp low.Other than that, I truly think there are few ways to maintain your hp in 70 using 90 variety and strength. Remember 90 range is 5.3m xp. This number multiplied by 1/4 is 1.3m xp. 1.3m hp xp is virtually level 76 by itself and remember this doesn’t include the hp xp you already have received from other battle procedures. If you are really seriously interested in maintaining the levels that you have listed, you may have to be very creative in the way you gain the xp (maybe rebuilding obstacles in pest control).

I’m F2P (non-members). (76 att, 80 str, 76 def, 72 woodcutting, 75 fishing, 73 mining) To get level 70 Prayer, want 483,559 XP (107,458 routine bones * 156 gp = 16,978,364 gp) (32,238 significant bones * 621 gp = 20,019,798 gp) What would be the fastest F2P approach to get there? Proceed into Hill Giants and keep fighting with Hill Giants. In between battling Hill Giants, commerce with different Runescapers saying”Purchasing 1 limpwurt root for 5 significant bones”. (Were surprised by the number of folks buying 1 limpwurt root for 5 significant bones, since Hill Giants drop a fair amount of limpwurt root.)

Go to a few of those places in the Wilderness (possibly Chaos Temple, or the little”boneyard” immediately southeast of Clan Wars… where bones always keep respawning and no one picks them up). I just put this method down because at Hill Giants, you have to await a Hill Giant to re-spawn (not have somebody else fight it), and defeat the Hill Giant… whereas this method, it will be nonstop levelling up . Lumbridge Catabombs: warped cockroaches (level 1). Uncrowded. 100% regular bones drop rate. Will be cheap RuneScape gold getting bones nearly as fast as procedure 2.

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