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Vacuum Distillation Unit

Vacuum distillation unit in refinery (VDU): further distills the residue oil from the bottom of the crude oil distillation unit. The vacuum distillation is performed at a pressure well below atmospheric pressure. The vacuum distillation unit is widely used to separate substance that decomposed, oxidized or polymerized at a temperature far below the boiling point at CDU condition.

Application of oil vacuum distillation equipment:

  1. Widely used in oil refinery field.

  1. PCC’s VDU have a high separate efficiency.

  1. The heavies are further separated to obtain a product of pure purity, so as to increase product yield.

Advantages of VDU:

  1. Advanced manufacturing method and quality

  1. Professional services, economical price, short delivery time

3.VDU equipment are inspected under ASME standard

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