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Mini Oil Refinery

Catalog of Mini Oil Refinery

Mode Capacity




Fabrication Period




Skid Number Weight


MR2 200 75 4 1 4 50
MR5 500 100 4 1 4 80






Equipment for Mini Oil Refinery

Equipment for 500 bpd refinery
Quantity Capacity Units Description
1 500 bpd Crude Distillation Unit(CDU)
1 500 bpd De-Salter

A gas plant will also be needed to capture and separate the gas products from the CDU but was not sized, nor priced. Upon completion of the process design, the size and cost of the gas plant will be determined. Air Cooling is used in lieu of water cooling. Heat transfer oil and hot products are used in lieu of steam for reboiling and stripping. If client requests the use of cooling water and steam, the daily requirement will be provided with Schedule A process engineering design. Any changes by Client to feedstock and/or product slate will require the generation of a new technical proposal based upon updated feedstock or product slate. An actual feedstock assay will be required prior to commencement of construction.

Scope of Supply of Mini Oil Refinery

The Process Design Package shall consist of the process equipment that will include preliminary and final engineering/design; a petroleum refinery with necessary equipment; one-year supply of spare parts and a documentation package that can be used to apply for permits and for operations.

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