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Several different pressing methods

At present, there are more and more types of oil press equipment on the market, and a variety of pressing methods are also produced, such as raw pressing (cold pressing), low temperature cold pressing, and hot pressing (cooked pressing) juice pouch filling machine. Professional screw oil press equipment can adopt different pressing methods according to different edible oil habits in different regions. The screw press is made of die steel, and the pressure in the press room is increased, so that the oil will automatically complete the whole process of crushing, embossing, squeezing, and oil output once the oil passes through the press chamber.

The special structure of the screw oil press equipment: the gear box adopts the helical gear design, which has a small load, energy saving and electricity saving. Compared with the traditional oil press, it can save electricity by 30%-50%, and can extend the service life of the oil press by 8-10 years; The oil guide groove of the press chamber is added to prevent the extruded grease from being immersed into the dry cake residue again mango pulp maker machine. An oil guide groove is set in the press chamber of the equipment to separate the oil and cake quickly and improve the oil yield; add a built-in The infrared heating system can set the optimal pressing temperature according to the different requirements of the oil type to meet the best pressing conditions, so as to achieve the best oil output efficiency. These are conducive to the improvement of the oil output rate of the screw press equipment.

Several different squeezing methods:
1. Raw pressing (cold pressing): Put the oil directly into the fully automatic oil press, and it can be consumed normally.

2. Low-temperature cold pressing: The oil can be roasted and fried at low temperature electric sugarcane juicer machine, and the oil can be heated to 60°C-90°C, then it can be pressed normally and squeezed again.

3. Hot pressing (cooked pressing): After the oil is fried, it is directly put into the oil press to be pressed normally, and then pressed again. Hot pressing has a higher oil yield than cold pressing, and the oil is fragrant and delicious! Except for some parts of Northeast my country and a few other regions where soybeans are pressed raw or cold pressed, hot pressing is still the main area in my country.

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