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What are the ways to install the rice noodle machine

The life of a yuba maker is directly proportional to its maintenance. The more serious you care for, the longer the trial period will be. Everyone should know this belief. Here is a brief introduction to how the edible oil rice noodle machine is installed:

The installation method of the edible oil rice noodle machine juice pouch filling machine, namely the yuba machine:

1. According to the relevant regulations of the country, equipment with a speed exceeding 800 rpm must be fixed before working. Therefore, the yuba machine must be grounded even if the calibration is stable.

2. Put the anchor bolts in the reserved holes, pour the quick-setting cement, and then put the machine on the foundation mango pulp maker machine, while inserting the anchor bolts into the bolt holes of the machine base, check the machine with a degree meter in two 90-degree directions After 24 hours, use the nut to position and tighten the machine.

3. Normally, after the machine has been running for 1-2 weeks, the anchor bolts must be checked and tightened once.

4. Install a rubber cushion between the three device feet and the concrete floor to absorb shock.

5. After the end of the electric sugarcane juicer machine installation and before stopping the test run, pay attention to the following items: ① Check the correctness of the installation of each part and whether the fasteners are loose. ② Check whether there are foreign objects in the drum, which may cause the drum to break due to uneven force, or cause foreign objects to fly out and hurt people. ③Check whether the machine can be equipped with a grounding wire. ④After the cover is closed, all lock handles should be pulled down and locked.

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