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Imagine being so triggered you’ve got to EVE echoes

Let’s also not forget that one of eve echoes isk the leaders was banned from an EO tournament for racist tropes. This is a dumpster fire of an alliance.Huh this is interesting considering the next:I love this rumor. I was not involved in any shape or form together with the alliance championship you are speaking about. Nice story you’ve tried to carve out. Heck don’t hesitate to get in touch with CCP and inquire. Go right ahead.It is kind of pathetic that you are attempting to attach real life implications to a video game. Do not you need a break from the shitty year which the majority of people seem to be needing. You’re not involved, yet the leader of this EE SHH alliance is the one that did it.

Lol dude. You are screwing up your own narrative. They’re suggesting that I was involved.Are you men not in the same business? Are you okay with after a dude who performs clear alt-right puppy whistles?Last I checked they’re adults thanks to some lovely little portion of their constitution they’re permitted to express themselves ever they desire. That being said take your merit signaling political elsewhere.Did you choose a civics course? Does the constitution provide the right to free address in metropolitan places?

Imagine being so triggered you’ve got to bring RL SJW BS from mothers basement to an internet game. Embarrassed for you.Its really amazing how the words”Don’t align with racism or racists.” Really sent you guys into a tisy. Are you okay with the corp”China Man Bad” in your alliance?Did you guys make a video of throwing your citadel in to structure? Have to say that was one of the greatest things I have seen while playing echoes.

Why does this create so many people so salty? It’s a good strategy familiar to anyone in the top tier of eve o warfare.The real question is; exactly what exactly are you going to do about it? Are you going to form up hundreds of pilots and teach us a lesson? Will you seize the chance take down EEs first citadel? PLEASE DO. We are getting tired of all the travelling, also NORF has nothing left in the north to kill.

GH wrecked you guys lol how do you say we dropped 200 for your 20 haha.I don’t know exactly what to tell you but attempt the video out. I am not sure in which the wreckt part came in.I have found and fixed the issue causing reprocessing errors. All mineral reprocessing values should now match in game values.I would also like to caution any of you using reprocessing table spreadsheets from different sources. It ends up every single one I’ve found actually has wrong data if you actually compare in match worth. Oftentimes it’s very close, so a single reprocess of 100 ore might appear right but if you reprocess a couple million then numbers will begin to be slightly incorrect, and buy eve isk then the further you reprocess the longer incorrect the amounts get.

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