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River pebble sand making

Here are two kinds of sand making equipment: sand making machine and sand washing machine.

1. Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is a common equipment in sand making equipment. It can handle materials with high hardness. It is widely used in river pebble processing, quartz stone manufacturing and other stone mineral materials.

2. Sand washer

Sand washing machine is also a common equipment in sand products. Its main function is to clean, clean and dust the materials. For River pebbles, it is the function of cleaning and dewatering. The new design of the equipment, the sealing device and the stable transmission mechanism make it more and more important in the field of sand making.

SBM is committed to the research and development of mining equipment and manufacturing, “scientific and technological innovation, integrity first” has always been the purpose of our enterprise development. We will continue to strive to produce more sophisticated machinery and equipment.

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