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I cant remember what Madden 21

That is the Mut 21 coins way I really feel about Maxis. They didn’t do using SimCity for decades, then they release a game which was unplayable at launch. Thank god for Cities Skylines, they’re the newest king of the city building genre.

I had been doing this for a while then I cant remember what Madden 21 I bought which was dreadful so I stopped. Eventually I still felt like a soccer match and last year I purchased Madden in a”possibly its gotten better” kind mood. Yeah I am not purchasing another ever again until they either get competition or an entire overhaul. I was amazed at how awful it was.

I simply found myself feeling this way a few days back when I began considering Madden coming out. But I looked at it and it seemed like the exact same broken mess and I started wiping off the makeup.

I get the hatred for EA. I really do. However, some people like sports games also do not mind the purchase price. Just because it is not your cup of tea does not mean it is not someone’s.

Ultimate group modes, online play, new game styles, all which are pretty wonderful. You can’t alter a match automatically when its sport. It makes the game unrealistic.

I really don’t get why people have the urge to cheap Madden 21 coins gatekeep so much about here.

I feel a lot of it’s regret. At least that is how I feel. There is a solid part of gamers now that microtransactions and lootboxes are all they have ever known, but that didn’t use to be the case. I regret my participation in helping to disperse those attributes in matches in their first years and make them money sinks.


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