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Magnetic Assembly for Office Supplies

Most of our office magnets provide great assistance especially when you want to, for instance, attach a blueprint on the whiteboard, hang posters for an event, put on wreaths to celebrate festivals in your workplace. As a matter of fact, they can be used at any place – home, school, workshop, etc. for these purposes. We have products in this range especially for holding, displaying of documents— our document holder and magnetic foil with a transparent sheet.

In our product pages, we have categorized all our products according to their shapes, application, etc and you can find the section of ‘office magnet’ where we have included most popular decorative magnets for office use but do not consider this categorization as a strict division line to isolate one group of products from another. As a matter of fact, it is a really general and flexible standard just to make it easier for people to view the products.

Magnetic parts from other categories can also be used in office, for example, hook magnets, plastic-cased magnets, rubber-coated magnets – anything that makes your office job done with ease and efficiency.

Our products were designed, produced with great care to avoid sharp edges, sharp points. The magnetic force can be modified to the level that the users are comfortable with. In addition to functional properties, we also pay enough attention to the appearance of these magnetic products so that they are clean and nice when they reach users.

As a professional magnet manufacturing company, WeiZhong magnetics is leading in magnet manufacturing. Want to know more, please contact us.


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