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Magnetic Assembly for Lifting/Holding

General info

Most of our pot magnets, channel magnets —these series names are more about their shapes than applications —were well designed so that the magnetic energy which was evenly distributed around the magnet, can be effectively concentrated to the maximum extent on the holding face of these magnetic assemblies and they give even greater vertical force on the holding face making themselves perfect choice for holding or lifting weights.

Features of lifter magnet/holding magnet assemblies from Weizhong Magnetics

We mainly use neodymium magnet and ceramic magnet on these products.

These products come in a variety of sizes & forces combinations offering a wide enough range to fit different applications.

Products like rubber coated magnet give protection on the holding surface from scratches which make delicate surfaces an option for work.

Listed sizes of each product are what customers have been using over the years. You can find both metric units and English units available.

If you do not find what you need, do not worry because we do have custom manufacturing of lifting magnets for sale. Contact us and let us help you.


You might possibly have concerns on how these holding/lifting magnetic assemblies of magnetic tool hanger, especially those with irregular shapes, are packed, and what if they need to be packed to comply with certain regulations for, say, air shipment.

At Weizhong Magnetics we pack these lifter magnet assemblies in a way that they are protected enough for long-time shipping without excessive use of packing materials. We keep the weight of every single package under the limit so that loading/unloading won’t be a problem for manual operation. We know how to implement the principle of magnetic shielding in packing to let the goods to be shipped by airplane without any trouble, actually, we use air shipment all the time so this is not a problem.

As a professional custom magnet manufacturer, WeiZhong magnetics provide handheld lifting magnets, circular lifting magnet, magnet hold, magnetic assembly, magnetic lifting clamp, manual lifting magnets and lifting magnets for sale. Want to know lifting magnet price, please contact us.


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