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Magnetic Assembly for Filtration

Magnetic Filtration, Magnetic Separation

These products are designed to remove small ferrous chips from either liquid or dry substances. They are already being used in fields such as food processing, pharmacy, dairy industry. Either magnetic filtration or magnetic separation uses the same working principle. Separate magnets can be used mostly in the recycling industry, mineral industry.

Strongest Magnet Solid Construction

Neodymium magnet, the strongest magnet material ever invented, is used on magnet grates, magnet pullies generating a strong enough magnetic field around the product to guarantee effective filtration work. These separate strong magnets are sealed in stainless steel/quality steel tubes by welding and then the surface of the tube is polished.

Choose The Magnetic Filtration/Magnetic Separation That Fits

An expert in this field may need some details before suggesting which product should be chosen. This step could be highly effective if the user can provide information about:

In what state the material is in liquid, thick liquid (slurry), dry, etc.

What moves the material, conveyer, gravity, or wind?

What chemical/physical features does the material have, such as being corrosive?

What is the size range of ferrous chips that you want to eliminate from the material?

The on-site condition including temperature, humidity.

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