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I need to reprocess or market raw ore to create most EVE echoes ISK

I guess”amount of reprocesses” is the number of times I want to EVE Mobile ISK reprocess a”batch” of 100 ore?Also, what are the chances you can add a blueprint elements cost? Or an choice to provide”custom layout cost” without overriding the lookup for the market price?Thanks! Fantastic spreadsheet.Agreed, once I have bought the blueprint then the cost ought to be locked in (too, it may have been obtained for free).Love your own sheet. 1 suggestion would be to get different editable fields for every industry’s material efficiency. I keep needing to swap the % when I’m looking at distinct types of ships.I may look at this for future version but it would likely add some significant complexity.

Everything subtracts nicely when you click on the craft button, but when I reprocessed the ore I hand, the minerals it gave me were way off. It attempted to tell me that I obtained 122mil Tritanium from roughly 4k Spod. Am I entering things in wrong?I have found that there are a few problems with the tables I am using for reprocessing. I am trying to focus on obtaining the correct values for this table but it’s proving elusive so far. I’ve updated the algorithm for as close as I can for today but understand that till I find a correct fix, the reprocessed mineral levels may be slightly wrong. Thank you for reporting the issue!

I’ve finally found and fixed this issue. If you produce a copy of the latest 2.0.1 version the reprocessing values ought to be correct.When I attempt to edit the order where the planetary substance item section I’d noticed that the quantity in column does not update.The sheet includes a lot of tradition scripting that depends on items being in the right place. Altering the orders of those values will cause things to not work properly. The spreadsheet is actually meant to be utilized as is that is the reason why I outlined the cells you need to edit.

I am awareI thought I’d bring that up as you’ve got drag downs for said materials which prompted me to match the order of them to my corps inventory.For what it’s like is, its spot on and pleasant for a single job calculator.Now that is unquestionably the most well made spreadsheet I have encountered. Thanks a great deal )I understand this sheet is focused on building, but personally I like to know the worth of my ores and minerals at hand. And when I need to reprocess or market raw ore to create most ISK.This helps me to determine if I should by the ship on marketplace, or simply build it myself.

I’ve added this in my own copy, but I guess you can see it as a feature request for prospective versions?Yes this potentially could be added in the future. Or maybe as a completely separate sheet having a few common elements.Thanks for the feedback!This is awesome!I’d still want to be able see a profit prediction without purchasing planetary materials though (given these are literally only lying around all over the place for eve echoes isk cheap complimentary ). Mining ore is a great deal more labor intensive, so buying (a number of) these makes more sense.

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