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Seven Structural Components Of LED Panel Light 1

Seven Led Panel Structural Of LED Panel Light 1

At the guidance and support of government policy, LED market applications developed rapidly. Especially the LED panel lights which have high energy-saving effect and lighting efficiency, widely use in the large hotels, office meeting space, factory as well as office, commercial and residential, public schools and the relevant government administrative units. But most of the customers know little about the structural components of the LED panel light even though it’s good lighting effect have already affirmed by the market. Today, Hanron Lighting will show you the seven structural components of LED panel light and their function as follows:

  1. The selection of the Aluminum Frame.

The first aluminum frame is extrusion-molded, this frame with smooth surface and good performance in the heat dissipation; the second one is to use finale molded, this type of frame well done in sealing the light effects ,with high IP protection and perfectly in the appearance of the LED panel light. Although the cost of extrusion-molded frame is more expensive, based on customer’s order or test mode first, Hanron still make different promotion to various customers who have different demand of high quality products.

  1. Features and requirements of the light guide plate.

Light guide plate plays a relatively important role in the composition of the LED panel light, like the CPU of the computer. The base function of the light guide plate is to make the whole panel to achieve a uniform light effect which requires excellent design of the light guide plate outlets, good adoption of the plate and high transmittance. Careful attention to select the plates supply manufacturers and rigorous test the function of light guide plate before assembling is also important to make the high quality LED panel light.

  1. Function and options of the diffuser plate.

On the choice of the LED panel light diffuser plate, PS stands out from it. PS material not only has very good chemical stability, minimal moisture absorption and excellent indoors performance, but also has very high refraction, generally fine dust debris will not easy to be shown. Due to its small electrostatic with no film, install the production extremely easy during manufacturing operations. If make the small scratches careless, gently scraping with a razor blade grinding can be removed. Although its transmission rate is 88%, litter lower than the PMMA, but with lower price, easy to cut in the produce, PS has great advantage than the PMMA and to be very popular in the manufacturer when PS shows up.

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