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Just like dog shit in wow classic gold

Classic still runs just like dog shit in wow classic gold Orgrimmar because of being restricted to a single core despite being based on the Legion customer because choosing the patch before multi threading was the simplest way to cut prices. Fuck you Blizzard, you can not do anything right.

I lost my father in November and didn’t play for about 6 weeks, my spouse was begging me to get back on WoW and reconnect with all my guildies, he appreciates it makes me happy and we don’t let our differences define our relationship. Quite lucky to have a partner who’s supportive even if he does not get it whatsoever.

Cash was super tight for me. I spent some of what little I had and told my dad, who was supporting me through this period. He explained GOOD! You want that game sometimes, it does wonders for your disposition.

We have a excellent time duoing and leveling. We all have a solo class along with a duo. Having lot’s of pleasure again.

We played with 1999 for awhile but WoW classic shot us and we have not looked back. Brell Serilus was the server and we played from 1999-2004 and then proceeded to buy gold classic wow when if first came out. I answered and ended up offering to help this lovely little UD priest since she refused to take payments. I had been many levels greater and she expressed that I would be wasting my time, I simply said too poor! I want to help you out so you’re gonna have to manage this significant boofhead Tauren after you around!


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