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Interesting is the PSO2 Meseta next Thesis

Interesting is the PSO2 Meseta next Thesis for example in XQ Meseta Grinding, as explained in this movie from Evildoer. The frequent rule here was to use as much”Meseta Boosts” as you can, including any Things with many effects such as”Tri-Boost” or”Webpanel” which comes equally using”150% Rare Drop Rate” &”150% Meseta Earned”.

In case my Thesis would be correct, Evildoer′s Getting should diminish or even be reduced as before when he uses to much RDR, as”Rare Drop Rate” would raise the amount of”Grinder” and”Vita Weapons” along the droppool of the Quest. To be able to check this, I would have to run multiple occasions using RDR and without.

Yes, we could remove the”250% Rare Drop Rate” from the Fullboost Run, but that could in best case raise the Meseta Earned per run by 10-20k Meseta.

Together with my current research I will not be buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta fully able to pay this, but it do not matter to much as 1700% Uncommon Drop Rate is the present limitation in this game. However, I do not need to exclude the Thesis since I personally never found a 1-9* Star Drop when conducting boosted Magatsu with Unusual Drop Rate and Tri-Boost, but this really is something for the future.

Meseta Pickups are listed along the”ActionLog” File in your PSO2 Documents Folder. I place a”Grinder” inbetween every Stage into my storage so as to seperate the drops from one another. The Endresult looks like this.

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