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LED Flexible Strip— Ideal Solution For Cove Lighting

Before, people love to choose traditional t5 cove light for home cove lighting. In this way, 7-8PCS of 1.2M 28W t5 or led strip for cove light are needed for only one living room. With the development of LED technology, LED flexible cove lighting  now become the first choice for cove lighting because of its lower power consumption, environment-friendly, easy install with any bending. More and more factory join in LED business with various types of quality, price can ranging from 0.4USD/M to 3USD/M, and some even reach more than 8USD/M. We recommend you select middle and high level strip for home decoration as it will show your taste. More than 80% LED strip manufacturers locate in Shenzhen city or Zhongshan City. It’s known that quality of products from Shenzhen is much higher than those from Zhongshan. So, Shenzhen LED is always regarded as middle and high end product while Zhongshan LED be low level products. Most of product from Shenzhen export to European and American market; and those from Zhongshan sell in China local market or other developing country like middle east district, southeast countries ect. Price don’t represent quality, the price difference mainly depends on quality of raw material and production technology. Both zhongshan product and Shenzhen product can find their own market, otherwise how can we make a comparison?

The second problem is which one to choose, high voltage strip or low voltage cove lighting?

The most difference between them is input voltage. It’s AC110V or AC220V for high voltage strip and DC12V or DC24V for low voltage strip. In theory, low voltage strip is safer than high voltage types. Yet, you don’t need to worry so much on this problem as there are PVC tubes outside strip and you don’t touch it after you fix it up in cove. The most disadvantage of high voltage strip is the current is higher and light decay is higher.

Another important factor is brightness. Now the most popular led strip in the market is 2835 led strip light, there are also 2210/2216/3838/5050/3528/3014/5630 led strip light in the market. If you need to use them as lighting application, we recommend SMD2835; and if you only use it as decoration, then SMD3528 is good enough. Let’s set traditional T5 tube 1000-1200lm as standard, SMD 2835 120LED/M led strip light is around 1200lm/Meter, so it’s bright enough to replace it, while power consumption is only 14W, half of traditional T5 tube. SMD3528 60LED/M seems better for decorate, it’s only 4.8W/M, around 320lm, good for home decoration, expecially for TV back wall decoration.

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