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I’m not sure it is. You see, a singular banana is worth 125gp about the exchange

I’m not sure it is. You see, a singular banana is worth 125gp about the exchange, but in practice its more like 160. As me and my buddy are going to do it together later on I really don’t have access to ape atoll, but this makes them quite interesting as a source of money right. So I attempted khazard, dumping them and buying 15 bananas at one time. A round trip is fairly fast, but the entire world hopping is slow, and the profit is not wonderful. I then realised that OSRS gold you can put bananas.

Now bananas to baskets is more rewarding, although peanuts are more costly than the exchange would imply making them a means of peanuts into less stock space for 891 a pop. Buying bananas before planet doing it again and swapping, from the at some time and filling baskets, causes a gain of per hour. Its okay. The issue is, simply taking flour from the pine larder and sending it together with the butler to the lender has a gain of 1 million per hour, which is my current best in terms of most rewarding activity. So its not even close to get a lot more work.

Now while without ape atoll purchasing bananas may be out of the window, there are two alternative sources of peanuts: The banana plantation, in addition to the spell bones to bananas. A preliminary evaluation of the banana plantation indicated it would definitely be slower than flour, which is a shame. Is there any kind of place in Runescape where bones are extremely common? Can you get a huge amount of bones anywhere? The boneyard is something, as it turns out, and you’re able to get there pretty with teleports. Now, flour is roughly 300 gold per second, supposing that you market it on the market for 200 and you make no mistakes (which isn’t too hard), which makes that the figure to conquer

The minimum set of stock items which you need to reach the boneyard is character runes that cheap RS gold are only if you use bracelets and take a mud staff. At 891 a soda, you can calculate how quickly a complete roundtrip should be convert them into bananas, to collect bones in the boneyard, and stuff them into a basket. Together with 5 free inventory slots for bones/bananas1 for character runes, you have 22 slots for baskets. Assuming the baskets are filled, that’s a complete of 19602 gold per trip.


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