Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions for Goverment

Government institutions and organizations today are seeking reliable, secure and cost-effective web based video conferencing solutions. Reducing the need to travel among branch offices is a priority to cut operational costs, boost communication between remote departments and maximize workflow efficiency. Providing high end, quality yet low cost video conferencing solutions, Angekis checks the boxes for stable communication across remote offices.

Angekis is a professional conference room video systems provider for:

-Council boardroom video conferencing solutions

-Department boardroom video conferencing solutions

-Law Courts video conferencing solutions

-Military and Police offices and boardroom video conferencing solutions

Furthermore, our new Accuscan Personel Management solution acts as your frontline defense for Government buildings by utilizing both face recognition and temperature to ensure personnel entering the building are not sick and should have access to the building.

In current times, health protection and security move hand in hand. The Accuscan effectively covers both bases.


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