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Buster Quests are a vital part of PSO2 Episode 5

Hero plays quite differently from PSO2 Meseta what we’ve seen before. It can’t be utilised as a Sub Class nor have one, therefore playing it means just using Hero. It does have quite an arsenal, though, being able to use Swords, Twin Machine Guns and Talis effectively. You can adhere to one of the weapons of your choice, but the Class excels when combining all three into devastating combos. Since its a brand new class, there will also be a brand new Hero character that will help you out and provide you new quests to practice with.

A new ability has been added; however, it takes you to play through the story to unlock any of these. Dark Blast allows players to become one of four Black Falz, for example Hyunal or Angel, equipped with exceptional, powerful attacks and buffs for a limited time. It’s sort of like a Photon Blast, however much more impressive as you take on another form. These forms could be leveled up simply by using them, and points may be spent to increase every form’s skills.

Episode 5 leaves Earth behind and contributes to the ARKS universe. Beginning from the end of Episode 3, where Persona is trapped at a time loop with the Profound Darkness, the heroes, you and Matoi, try to split Persona out. An anomaly occurs, and you find yourself in a brand new world named Omega located in a dark hole using old and new characters combating corruption once more. Omega is designed with fantasy in your mind. There are dragons, castles, siege-like quests and kingdoms all surrounded by something that they call magic, but players will realize as photons. It sounds like a different detour from the original few Episodes, however it comes back around to events with Oracle, and much of the lore is explained. Simply make your way throughout the story to find out.

Buster Quests are a vital part of Episode 5, together with many of the story’s battle quests using their mechanics. These brand new quests are also accessible at the pursuit counter and can be done with the eight-player multiparty. They’re similar to the Apprentice Urgent Quest, where gamers must work together to protect towers from oncoming enemies. However, there are lots of new mechanisms that make this fresh with how it is more siege-like.

After protecting the towers, weapons are deployed and need to be shielded to breach the castle at the opposite end of the field. When it’s breached, everyone has to make their way to the boss — the castle itself. Buster Quests get gradually more challenging as their level can be built up like Extreme Quests. Of course, new quests mean new things, but there are also new medals to be got and a new store to cheap meseta pso2 cooperate with them.

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