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Small packet desiccant is the first step

When the Acid silicon sealant is properly set and the acidity level reaches 0.8 – 1.0 percent, the incubation is stopped.
The whey is separated by centrifuging the curd for 5 min using a basket centrifuge (working at 1100 rpm).
After centrifugation, chakka is obtained. It is then transferred to a planetary mixer.
The required quantum of pasteurized cream and sugar is added to the chakka (the fat in the final product should be about 6 percent and sugar 42%).
The contents are mixed by running the mixer at variable speeds.
Flavour, colour and the required additives may also be added during the mixing process with sugar and cream.
The final product is cooled and filled in the wax coated paper cups or polystyrene cups and the quantity packed varies between 100 and 500 g.
The shrikhand is stored under refrigerated temperature till consumed.

Small packet desiccant is the first step in degenerative disc disease and is diagnosed via MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), a noninvasive diagnostic technique that produces computerized images of internal body tissues and is based on nuclear magnetic resonance of atoms within the body. This technique is often imagined as a sort of advanced x-ray but is instead induced by the application of radio waves, not x-rays. Similar in some ways to sonar on a submarine the body is “pinged” by these radio waves. The signals that bounce back are different dependent upon how wet or dry the tissue is and with the magic of computers the data is collected and the computer assigns color to the pixels. Very wet tissue such as body fat is rendered white and completely dry tissue is rendered black with many, many shades of grey in between. Therefore, a healthy hydrated disc will appear white whereas a dry disc will appear very grey or black.
Shrikhand is a semi solid soft, sweetish sour fermented dairy product. It is prepared from cow, buffalo or mixed milk. Lactic fermented curd is obtained by the associative action of microorganisms on the milk constituents. The curd is cut or stirred to expel whey through a muslin cloth. This results in a solid mass known as chakka.

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The next step in the preparation of shrikhand is mixing chakka with the required amounts of sugar, colour, flavour etc. to get the end product. The composition of the shrikhand depends on the initial composition of the milk, the degree of fermentation, the extent of whey removal and the quality of sugar added.

Recipe for Shrikhand / Method of Molecular sieve for insulating glass (Double glazing)

Traditional Method

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