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Now its much, much worse. The playerbase is obsessed with efficiency, its absurd

Now its much, much worse. The playerbase is obsessed with efficiency, its absurd. I believe its damaging Runescape. There is a whole lot of dead material ingame, only because it is not considered efficient. The new efficiency attitude the skillcapes caused increased the RuneScape gold demand for cheating and RWT. The perks are also a big part of the issue, like IVIorphinz stated, however, it all started with the introduction of skillcapes in my personal opinion.

Like a lot of people today don’t play for pleasure 14, I really feel. Many people are chasing after very very long term, mind numbing pliers since the playerbase as a whole has come to be so aggressive with each other that those are the only items”that thing”. It seems like people do not celebrate any mid-game progression, and can’t even be happy for somone who makes their first firecape or graceful set. If it doesn’t take hundreds of hours, it’s not a true accomplishment apparently. I do not disagree with that because it is bound to happen so long there is hiscore and can be achieved right by purchasing gp, but however the accession of perks and maximum cape, although invite more people to invest time = more cash for Jagex, is money earned through manipulation.

Over the previous couple of weeks we have had a sudden increase in reports of people apparently using’bots’ to play Runescape automatically (which is in breach of Rule 7). Firstly, we want to let our fair players (and that is the vast majority of you) understand that we’re conscious of this issue, and that we’re taking immediate actions to handle it. We now ban about 8000 accounts every week for trying this type of cheating, and for a very long time that kept things in check. Things have moved on, however, and that is no longer enough, therefore we’re in the process of upgrading our detection and prevention methods. We also have logs of historic action, so we’ll have the ability to make sure that dishonesty does not pay. Additionally, there are ways that you can help us, so please read on.

Second, and equally importantly, as we cautioned last week we’re now banning people that are BUYING RuneScape gold for real money money – those people who are funding the whole difficulty in the first location. As we said we’d, we have been working hard to ban players that play. Since we last posted about this we have banned another 4738 gamers to purchasing RuneScape items/gold for real cash, which will be in breach of rule 12. The bankers also have entered into this arrangement as they believe it will prevent the Party Room being used as a way of moving wealth covertly.

Quite a few updates are released in 2007 — Assist System, LootShare, Duel Arena changes; read the’Trade and Drop Changes’ news article on front page to see them all — specifically targeted at ending real-world trading in RuneScape. Of course, gold-sellers have to make cheap RS gold this RuneScape gold. They overcrowd in-game tools using their bots, exploit scam and bugs legitimate players out of their accounts. RuneScape’s creator, Andrew Gower, sums it up :”There has been a significant gain in the amount of real-world trading this season. If we don’t find a solution to RWT now, it is going to ruin RuneScape.”‘


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