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How to maintain the impact crusher?

Impact crusher is often used for secondary crushing in sand and gravel production line, and it is an important equipment in sand and gravel production line. Impact Crusher in the process of long-term operation, due to the frequent contact with hard stone, so wear and tear is more serious, this paper is to discuss the impact crusher in the use of how to maintain?

For crushing equipment, in order to extend the service life of the equipment, routine maintenance is indispensable. Maintenance should start from many aspects and run through the whole process, from the start-up of the equipment, to the use of the equipment, to the shutdown of the equipment, all aspects of maintenance should be carried out.

1. Before starting the equipment, check all parts of the machine to see if the screws are loose and the parts are missing. If any problems are found, repair them in time to ensure that the equipment can be started normally.

2. Before starting the machine, the rotor should be turned manually to ensure that the rotor can rotate flexibly without friction with other parts.

3. When starting the machine, the machine should be started in the correct order, starting first and then feeding; similarly, when closing the impact crusher, the machine should also be shut down in order, first stop feeding and then stop.

4. When the machine is running, pay attention to observe whether the sound, current, voltage and vibration temperature of the machine are normal. Generally speaking, the temperature of the machine rotor bearing can not exceed 60 ℃, and the high temperature cannot exceed 75 ℃. If the temperature exceeds the above temperature, shut down the machine immediately for maintenance.

5. When the machine is running, the material feeding should be even, and the machine load is unstable. When crushing materials, if there is abnormal sound, stop the machine for inspection.

6. Always pay attention to the working condition of the lubrication system of the machine, and regularly change the lubricating oil and add the lubricating grease. The grease in the bearing pedestal should be added at least once a month, and the lubricating oil and felt should be changed every three months.

7. When the machine is shut down, it is necessary to check the wear of vulnerable parts. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time.

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