Conference Room Video Conferencing Solutions for Broadcasting

Angekis is an industry-leading video conference solution provider in the conference room video conferencing solutions for broadcasting and live streaming market. The Angekis range covers all the video outputs you may need for live broadcast and streaming along with support for the industry’s top control protocols including RS232, RS-3485, VISCA over IP, ONVIF, and the latest NDI technology.

Seamless integration with other major meeting room hardware, broadcasting hardware and software is critical which is why we interface with top providers including Sony, Panasonic, Epiphan, Roland, Newtek and BlackMagic. All our conference cams provide USB 3.0 digital output as various cameras in our range also support HDMI, SDI, IP and NDI.

Video conferencing has taken center stage for broadcasting. Through high-tech conference room audio visual solutions, Angekis enables the seamless connection between partners and team workers. Not only does it enable relationship building on a deeper level with both video and audio, but it also acts as a cost-saving solution by reducing travel costs.

To top it off the Angekis range truly excels in its class-leading image ensuring your broadcasts are picture-perfect.


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