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There’s a slight problem with nba 2k21 mt coins

There’s a slight problem with nba 2k21 mt coins that though, where else are you going to go to get your FIFA/NBA/NFL/Whatever video game kick?

Wow, I gotta give to the mods here, that trapped remark is some classy you’d never see the R/news mods doing this

All of these developers are much poorer than these AAA scumbag publishers will ever be, and they aren’t filling their matches with this . It has got nothing to do with having more development money or providing you complimentary DLC. It’s about adding a ferrari to some rich asshole’s ferrari collection.

Don’t buy this crap, please. Find some indie basketball game. It’s true that you won’t get the official logos or the official team names and other like this, but at least you will not be actively milked by some asshole who desires his 26th Lamborghini.

VPeople who buy and play 2K don’t take care of an unskippable loading screen advertisement. They care about gameplay and if the game is any less popular this season than a year ago, it’s more because the game popular and play assembles in multiplayer.

Regular folks do not care about ads as much as whining people online do.

They do not live their entire world on the buy mt nba 2k21 PC where they illegally download episodes of items, watch things on paid services such as Netflix and utilize adblocker everywhere. As for me, I simply don’t understand how triggered people are all about advertising, especially in regards to sites and other things you have to access at no cost.


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