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His main asset is nba 2k21 mt his brain

His main asset is nba 2k21 mt his brain and that does not translate to a video game.

Yeah Icant actually think of a better way they could do it . I always get frustrated with all the lineups and play calls that the AI places out there, but its probably incredibly hard to do it rightThe styles of basketball played now needs to be a complete headache to try and program a game to mimic it.

Can’t they simply up his Intangible a bit since that thing is utilized to mat entire anyways. Dirk effect, big men defense is highly impactful on overalls. Guarantee he will be extremely effective when really using him in game Can not be moved at all and has to be double teamed.

Yeah, but Shaq can not take a player celebrating winning a tournament, so it is not like he’s a wonderful arbitrator of basketball reality.

Among the few copies I’ve left is buy nba 2k21 mt coins with a Miami Heat Shaq on the cover (PS3 backup ). Maybe I should ask him to sign it…

Why wasn’t he this great Minnesota? He never did anything I’m the playoffs. Great players should drag their team to the playoffs in the west. Now that KAT is currently in Boston, he is finally doing it!” Lol Minnesota would never miss a big man to Boston since they could not surround him with enough talent to get any place in the playoffs, it simply isn’t like them to do that.


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