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These don’t encompass the completion of any full scope of content in RuneScape

These don’t encompass the completion of any full scope of content in RuneScape. They’re side objectives that help you acquire experience in abilities which you’ve already trained to 99 for the Completionist Cape, or can let you get there. However there are different methods of training which makes these non-compulsory and needs to be left to your Trimmed Cape. The Trimmed Cape is for all intents and purposes, the base Comp Cape, but with the huge added requirement of OSRS gold finishing every minigame in RuneScape. (With a few other additives that the player can finish, like unlocking hidden lore – the Dragonkin journals out of QBD come to mind, as well as the Scabarite research notes) But then again this can also be flawed – post-quest content is dispersed over both capes. Why should I do exactly the Fate of the Gods post-quest articles to the Completionist Cape, but not the Song Out Of The Depths post-quest content? What’s that instead a Trimmed requirement? Why must I unlock all the museum Kudos, that is lore-related content, for the Completionist Cape, but not the Trimmed Completionist cape, which supposedly focuses on post-quest articles such as killing the four slayer monster managers in the smokey well after Smoking Kills?Slayer Masks. A big portion of Slayer is the randomness of task assignments, and Slayer masks enable you to completely skip that and perform the very same tasks every day. Wicked Pouch. Players have desired a rune-holding thing for decades, and once it’s finally launched, it ends up to be obtainable only via Solomon’s store. Additionally, this item has the unique ability to swap between spellbooks and prayer books at any given place. Silverhawk Boots. These boots allow you to purchase agility XP and profit that XP completely losslessly, and are actually required if you want to gain the fastest agility XP rates in the game. Mobile Forge/Range/Well/Sawmill. I don’t have an excessive amount of information about these yet, but they sound like something straight out of the future Inventor skill.

In summary, Jagex has been releasing new RWT things with characteristics that have no parallel which may be obtained through legitimate gameplay. This might very well be the direction that future RWT will go. Ideas? How do you feel about this new kind of RWT? I believe the terrific majority of long time players don’t like the trending of SOF/Treasure Hunter. But variants of this have been in almost online game you can think about, and Jagex does have to create money somehow, since their membership has dwindled so much, with all the bots that they place out of commission, and all of the people who have retired from the game, whatever the reason.

I recall saying to myself a while back I wouldn’t spend any money ingame except for membership. But with this temptation there, I’ve bought bank spaces, which is really needed if you’re a quester/long-time player and have tons of RS07 Gold untradeable items, or things which are just a nuisance to reget if you drop them. However, while there are some really rare items on treasure hunter I still want, such as the divination uniform, I will not buy twists.

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