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Characteristic of China hydroponics tomato greenhouse

China hydroponics tomato greenhouse is also called plastic greenhouse, often use a circular arch, single span, or multi-span. The greenhouse frame can use steel structure, bamboo, and wood, or cement column, etc.the film greenhouse is often used for agricultural growth, for example, vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc. It is the most economical way of planting for farmers.

In tomato, growing is increasingly common the use of high-tech greenhouses with hydroponic irrigation systems, usually on sacks of the substrate (Rockwool, coconut fiber, or perlite).

China hydroponics tomato greenhouse can save the land, as no soil is needed. A hydroponics system can also control all growing conditions while using an NFT channel and dripping irrigation method to maintain stable and high productivity, allowing lands to grow healthier, and for crops to be more accessible to harvest.

The China hydroponics tomato greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with customers of the beautiful arc and low cost. The structure is small with steel and good insulation performance. Hot-dip galvanized pipes and profiles are used in the steel structure of the greenhouse. The top of the greenhouse use 10/12/15/20 CC PO or crystal film, outer anti-UV, inner anti-fogging, around the wall use 10/12/15/20 CC PO or sunshine board as covering, all around the walls also can according to user requirements for the corresponding change.

Characteristic of China hydroponics tomato greenhouse
1. Strong structure in all types of greenhouses, for modern and high value-added agriculture farming.
2. Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 20 years of using life.
3. Proprietary technology in PE film, Famous brand. Guaranteed 4-6 years using life.
4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting in a comfortable situation. Increasing yield.
5. Cucumbers, tomatos, yield per 1000㎡ normally more than 15000kg.

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