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Are there several versions of OSRS gold

Are there several versions of OSRS gold  floating about? Isn’t Runescape 2007 the hottest or something? I really always sort of wanted to get into Runescape, but sort of got confused the couple times I tried and only dropped it due to lack of inspiration.

Just two, RS3, which is the only coming to steam, then there is Old School Runescape (OSRS). OSRS is a variant of this sport out of 2007 but it receives fresh upgrades.

I checked up on mine a couple of months ago and I believe it got wiped some time back when they relaunched something. I can not recall what, I think old school again. Either way old school and 3 are equally lvl 1.

Maybe I could jump back in. Sucks though lava cape, a few 99 capes, and a pleasant bankroll

These days, I’d probably recommend just enjoying other games famous because of their stories & atmosphere, such as Fallout New Vegas. RuneScape is a glorified midieval cookie clicker. It’s a skinnerbox and a mindhack, but a few people enjoy the skinnerbox.

Quests are not actually the main means to Buy Rs gold level up in the two variants of Runescape. They do give you a bit of XP for certain abilities when you complete them, but if you did all the quests in the game you wouldn’t have maximum stats in anything.

In fact you’ll see that for a lot of the mid to late game quests you’ll need to grind some skills yourself to fulfill the requirements to even start it. With Runescape the major way you progress your personality is grinding mobs for battle XP and grinding the abilities for their individual skill XP. OpenRSC is a pretty good approximation of their first RSC. You won’t have the ability to log into your old account, but all the other content is there.

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