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8 Benefits of Smart Parking

  1. Convenience

Inconvenient parking experience may lead to customer loss for shopping mall and unpleasant frictions between drivers. Smart parking aims to save time and parking troubles, improving overall parking experience.

  1. Real-time data

Real-time data and sensors of smart parking can be integrated into city-level traffic management system. The data can be used for traffic control purpose, especially during peak hours.

  1. Traffic optimization

Detours will not be made when drivers know clearly where they head for. Therefore, traffic jam in the urban areas can be eased, which greatly optimizes the traffic flow.

  1. Safety

Looking for available parking slot can be aided by smart parking technology. Drivers, therefore, can concentrate on driving itself to avoid traffic accidents other than being distracted by searching around.

  1. Cost reduction

Traditional on-street parking may require investment in parking meters or labor cost of hiring parking fee collector. While smart parking can cut off these expenses by using automatic processes and providing targeted law enforcement activities.

  1. Comprehensive payment management

Smart parking offers real-time e-payment through APP or browser, which greatly simplifies payment procedures and provides more structured revenue data. The revenue can be classified according to parking facilities, areas, roads and other categories, facilitating business management and optimization.

  1. Environment

Smart parking can guide the drivers directly to the available parking slots without detour, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, noise and other environmental pollution. Toll payment system is convenient.

  1. Smart city

Smart parking solution optimizes static traffic conditions and offers real-time data for dynamic traffic control, which plays a critical role in developing smart city.

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