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Have people stopped alching. People often consider alch prices as a type of lower limit

Have people stopped alching. People often consider alch prices as a type of lower limit to OSRS gold how low the price of an item can proceed. However, alchable things have been rapidly decreasing in price recently. Recently prices have begun dropping below these assumed limits. Some trend graphs…

Many forumers here may remember having to alch in a reduction back when they played. The narrative is quite different today, and it is not in any way difficult to locate items with profit margins of 1k per alch. Why has this occurred? Well, there might be several possible causes. Obsolescence of alching for a training method. Much faster low level instruction methods for magical exist today. Tipping of the balance between high and low leveled players. Alching is very much a low level instruction method, and very low level gamers are a dying race. RS is not really bringing new players. Decreased prevalence of bots. Alch-bots were some of the most frequent types of bots, and bots in general have become fewer on rs3.

Influx of all alchables from PVM. Alchable things are now extremely common to find about the droptables of bosses and slayer animals and have therefore flooded the marketplace. What are your ideas about this overall trend? Could we be alching material for 2-3k profit per item in a couple of years?

Disadvantages — Ever since Andrew Gower left we have had the new CEO come into fire up the content shredder. We’re going to take such quests here… and alter them. Yeah. There is nothing wrong with them at all, but we have to update them after nearly a DECADE since they are just too pleasurable.’ This is one of the though processes that occur on a weekly basis in the money-corrupted mind of Jagex. In addition to this is various terrible’quality of life’ changes such as the perfectly fine user interface has been turned into a sticky Chrome cake tray. Striking a deal with Google at the expense of the match.

Most infuriatingly was the haughty choice to cheap RS gold modify the appearance of every Armour place in match. It is beyond me why they did so. Before, neat and sweet. We touted this as the top update to ever occur to the game, however for some reason we’ve lost a portion of our player base… I wonder why. I mean, that wouldn’t want to play a combat mechanic that copies World of Warcraft and the bajillion other tab-target ability bar MMO’s?

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