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Madden NFL 21 Has Metacritic’s Worst User Review Score of All Time

Yeah that’s not occurring. The game is aimed at people who do not understand what Mut 21 coins meta critic even is. Frankly, at this time, I don’t even take care of EA fuckin’ over the sports audience. The sport audience is idiotic and has cash, so let’em. It is just unfortunate they don’t use those auto-income sales to help fund actual jobs with limited stupid. Imagine if they did not money-grab and fuck over Anthem? How cool that game might have been without studio heads shitting all over it. But nope. Company is scummy through and through. How cool that game might have been without studio heads shitting all over it. It would also have been cool if Bioware had not needed to throw it together in a year because they (Bioware) did not understand what they (Bioware) wanted. Yep I won’t ever purchase another BioWare match again after they destroyed mass impact then essentially stole a shit load of people’s cash with Anthem.

BioWare Montreal (currently EA Motive) fucked up Mass Effect. Edmonton and Austin did not get their hands on it until it was far too late. Anthem was a mess… but it is a better at being an Iron Man simulator compared to Iron Man in that Avengers micro-transaction vessel. A trendy realization I came to is, over the past 20 years, I moved from buying every Madden, NHL, FIFA, and (before 2005) MVP Baseball game annually (and other EA titles, including NBA Live some years) to just the NHL and FIFA series, then just to FIFA, and now for the last couple years, nothing. Perhaps I am an outlier, however, EA has pissed away everything good they used to have in their sports games and lost me as a customer & player. I played a few FiFA18/PS4 I think using a friend after a long time, along with the controls where so clunky and dumb. He had an old version of PES, which was a lot more”fun” to perform, the”stream” was near instant.

But he went on, that PES hasn’t all the new players of his fav teams etc.I understood that he was probably the target audience for a fair game with current licensing. He was not much interested in details of game play. I tried some Madden on PS4 and that I did not get all the menus, options and loathed all the microtransactions traps. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience at all. PES utilized to outsell FIFA pretty much everywhere except several countries where EA had exclusive licensing (UK, Mexico, Germany, etc). The problem is that Konami produced some godawful variations of PES during the PS360. That was completely Bioware’s fault, not EA. Even worst and also the fact that they rebooted development many occasions and in the long run, real work is only 1 year right? Fuck that, there’s lots of individuals who loves sports that are not braindead that deserve a good sports sim game. Just imagine how great it would be if we really got a good sports sim.

Your attitude towards sports fans is straight up cringey and you’ve got Anthem’s issues all wrong. Agreed. This is some good old early 2000s incel gamer opinion on sports. I’m a”hardcore” gamer (construct my own pc/upgrade it continuously, own a couple consoles, etc) and that I also like sports. Liking sports isn’t a weird thing. Refusing to enjoy sports or thinking everyone who does is a moron is a weird, childish opinion. It’s the exact same kind of cheap Madden 21 coins cringelords who insist on calling soccer”handegg.”

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