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Load cell amplifier’s vital element is usually a heated filament

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor. The MAF load cell detects the volume of air entering the engine. load cell amplifier‘s vital element is usually a heated filament that is put against incoming air in the tube to measure airflow and density. Changes in temperature sends a signal to the ECU to respond to the needs of the engine accordingly.

Throttle Position load cell (TPS). The TPS monitors the throttle position which accordingly measures the engine’s load, acceleration, deceleration, idle or wide open. The ECU utilizes this data to determine the air-fuel ratio adjustments.

Crankshaft Position load cell (CPS). The CPs is used to determine the position of the crankshaft and number 1 cylinder. This specifically is used to control the timing of ignition and the injection of fuel. This can also measure the RPM (revolutions per minute).

Failure of the CPS will render the car inoperable.

Load Cells

The Effect of 3Rd Party Mods

beam load cell Manufacturers usually would warn against 3rd party modifications to the engine or electronics. Despite this a large industry has sprung up to take advantage of some shortcomings of standard production vehicles.

One area of 3rd party modification involves improving the air-fuel mixture with other substances. More specifically hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a gaseous substance that is combustible. The benefits of the introduction of hydrogen to internal combustion is that:

-Engines become more quieter, knocking and pinging is reduced -Emissions give off a cleaner burn -Hydrogen when burned turns to water vapor out the tailpipe -Hydrogen raises the octane level of gasoline, encouraging combustion at the piston’s top dead center -Less fuel is used when mixed with hydrogen, giving better fuel economy. -The weighing indicator is cooled which promotes better performance


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