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I was raised from the Mmoexp Mut 21 coins

What a joke.What are you talking about that is Madden 21 coins. Madden 20 is the best one in some time and that I would not mind playing it for a different year.I know lol just looking for hopeful for something guy, it’s so disappointing what this game has become. Nothing will change till they get some competition though.Does anybody actually believe that they’re likely to make radical changes to the game? It has essentially been the same as the very first madden game.

I’m sick of seeing like this tbh.I know it’s interesting to on Madden and I’m sure I’ll be downvoted into oblivion with this opinion, but I am quite happy with this season’s game.Yes it has lots of glitches and issues, and there weren’t enough improvements to quell the riots. That being said, The Yard is a really cool game style and I enjoy the changes that were made into the gameplay.EA ought to be held to a higher standard. I am absolutely with most on that.

That being said, I really don’t think it’s fair to say that it is only a copy and paste of last year’s match.It makes it much better because I had been born in St. Louis! She does not really know anything about football, but she made a fantastic design choice.That’s amazing! She made the best decision and didn’t even know it. I became a fan from the St. Louis age so like it even more.Same though not out of St. Louis which is the reason why it wasn’t hard for me to stay with the group and I have grown to like our new colours and even the logos, but the St. Louis era gear will never get retired inside this home.

Those colours will only get more classic also. I’m about the same as you. I had a blue and yellow St. Louis rams newcomer pullover coat lol. I was raised from the Mmoexp Mut 21 coins south though but stayed a rams fan. Does not matter where they play to me.Hahaha that is awesome. Got an apron myself but also a chef’s hat a couple years back. However it’s the Ram head logo that has been used from 2017-2019. Not whining because I love that logo.


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