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They’re swayed not to buy Mut 21 coins

Yeah sure all the Madden 21 coins tams up their cap and it gets rather unrealistic with celebrities switching teams every contract, but the amount of attributes they have is amazing. Maddens is unebeleivably ing horrible, though. No force transactions??? I Must ghettorig it by creating another coach, going into that group, editing the contracts match, making the trade, subsequently retiring that trainer and going back to the og coach, is ridiculousDo people actually give 2k for their soccer matches? First person mode and all? Together with the house full of trophies and collectibles? I am just waiting for Madden to allow me to gouge ticket costs and stadium concession costs .

Only feels more polished .Switching the position to the wanted player to punter then trading for then more then change it back.You can kinda perform a induce trade by editing another teams participant that you would like so that all their attributes are set to 0, and then they will either get cut another week or you may exchange for them to get nothing.I really like seeing this take on reddit every time Madden is brought up. Usually when this is posted on gambling subs every year that the posts get a few million enjoys, largely from people who do not even play Madden anyways.

Even the ones that do if they’re swayed not to buy Mut 21 coins are a couple million. Redditors constitute not even a portion of Maddens earnings, but the men and women who purchase it every year are not on reddit.Just buy the game used. That way they do not make it off. I buy Madden a year when it comes out for like $10 used.

I wish they had more variety..like I’m a certified hip hop head and love what it means for our civilization and individuals but god damn do I get tired of hearing the identical . I miss the alternative rock/pop / heavy metal featured in the Madden games.


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