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Follow These Steps in the Corner to Enlarge the Room

It’s a difficult problem in house decoration for owners to “enlarge” the house. To make every corner fully utilized is the unique charm of customized furniture, and then space expansion is definitely not a daydream.


At the corner beside the entrance door: a storage cabinet + a display case


Set a storage cabinet in the corner beside the entrance door to hold shoes, bags, art ornaments, or other little things with life vitality. And put a short stool here to facilitate the tired people to changing shoes here.


At the corner in the bedroom: a desk with rounded edges


If the space is limited, and you want to read a book before going to bed and go online, a small corner desk can meet all your needs. The bay windows and corners are used at the same time, and customized furniture turns a small sub-bed into a multi-functional room.


For some irregular corners that seem to be tasteless, custom-made furniture also shows its unique charm. Built-in storage cabinets, tailored desks, and columns also become unique in the space.


The design of the wardrobe plus table is unique in the bedroom corner. Only to reduce the room of one door of the wardrobe can you get a desk and a bookshelf.


At the corner in the study


For those who like to read and collect books, there must be a luxurious study, so that all the books can be stored. The study has custom-made corner bookcases, and every corner is full of books, and then you can immerse in the ocean of books.


The corner of the study room makes the bookcase and tatami into one more relaxed and. Besides reading, it is also great fun to chat with friends over tea.


At the corner in the cloakroom


The cloakroom girls who love shopping love best needs big enough storage room and humanized function divisions. This customized wardrobe is designed as L-shape and integrates storage of clothes, shoes, and a dressing table. For ladies, those who need more room for clothes storage, the design of reaching the ceiling can be considered that stuff rarely used can be stored in the upper room of the wardrobe.


Looking back, do the corners of the home have more ways to decorate? The charm of customized furniture is not only the expansion of space but also the taste of your home.


SNIMAY will be your best choice!

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