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Decoration Lessons from Small-sized Duplex House Owner

Youngsters on the threshold of life tend to choose small-sized house as a transition at the beginning because of their weak economic strength. And they are likely to purchase a bigger house to replace the former one. Compared with the common small-sized house, the duplex house is more flexible so as to be the first choice of youngsters.

However, preference for the duplex house and the decoration are not the same things at all. A small-sized duplex house embraces two floors and a stairway but small areas so that the owner’s creativity is necessary. Then how to decorate a small-sized duplex house? Is there any experience or lesson to refer to?


My friends amazed that a secondary bedroom is set ingeniously on the first floor! The living room and dining room, the kitchen, and the bathroom gather on this floor. When entering the house, you can find the kitchen and the bathroom on the left side, and the living and dining room on the right side. Therefore, the compact space is not separated for a broad visual effect. To select a small-sized elegant fabric sofa without a bed is not only economical but also space-saving.


There is not much room in the living and dining room for storing things, so it’s easy for the living and dining room to appear messy after a long time. I chose to custom sideboard cabinets beside the table to greatly add storage room. And ocean blue and amber gold were selected to combine since these two colors look calm and simple that has a lingering charm and don’t appear easily-seen.


You will find a surprise because you won’t believe it here is a secondary bedroom! All my friends said that this kind of design is not common but practical. You can use tatami instead of a bed, and custom three-door to top wardrobe at the end of the bed so that you don’t have to worry about clothes storage and this part can be used for a temporary cloakroom.


On the other side of the secondary bedroom, a custom whole-wall commodity shelf can be set for the need of the child’s study space in the future.The master bedroom on the second floor faces my secret room.


The second floor is divided into a master bedroom and a study, connected by a walkway. People who like to organize life are sure to love life. They can organize their homes in an orderly manner, not only with care but also with skills. Wardrobes and top cabinets are a good choice. It can make full use of the top space to put some sheets and bedding, without leaving a dead corner, and it is easier to clean.


Many people thought that it was a waste to set the room as a study since that part was not small. I don’t think so. I think that reading needs a quiet environment for me to calm down and concentrate on the book, so the second floor is suitable for being a study because few people will come to this floor and it has better light.


“My house is a place for me to rest and relax so that it doesn’t have to be luxury but comfortable.” This is the sincere words from the owner, and I believe it’s also youngsters’ hope.


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