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Punch rod is an important part of cold heading die. The work of punching or stamping die is continuous operation, so the service life requirement of hedge rod becomes the key point. The high hardness and wear resistance of cemented carbide  material can meet the life requirement of punch rod, hence carbide punch rod is more and more popular.

According to the different material and thickness to be punched, different tungsten carbide gradess should be selected. Generally, the thicker the stamping product is, the lower the hardness and the better the toughness of cemented carbide is. The harder the material is, the harder the cemented carbide is, the lower the hardness of the cemented carbide is, which can effectively prevent the punching rod from being damaged. For the thin plate or the low hardness, the tungsten carbide punch can be used for hole processing of the product, so as to improve the service life of the punching rod.

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