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Stone Crusher in Complete Crushing Plant

Stone production line is a special production line for sand and stone used in construction, highway, railway and other industries. The main equipment of the Complete Stone Crushing Plant includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, fine crusher, sand making machine, etc. Stone production line is generally suitable for limestone, pebble, quartz sand and other materials. Among them, the river pebble is a kind of material with high hardness. In addition to routine maintenance and repair, special attention should be paid to some other problems when using crusher to crush and make sand.

The maintenance of jaw crusher generally includes lubrication and maintenance. Frequent attention and timely lubrication of friction surface can ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine. Jaw crusher in the maintenance of regular inspection, replacement of parts, regular maintenance, equipment maintenance records. When crushing hard materials, the wear of the equipment is more obvious. Therefore, for the frequently worn parts (jaw plate, elbow plate, etc.) of jaw crusher, it is necessary to establish a detailed service life test, so as to know the operation limit of the equipment.

The jaw crusher can start the crusher after confirming that there is no material in the crushing chamber. The starting sequence of the whole sand making production line is dust collector (optional), discharge conveyor, jaw crusher, feed conveyor, vibration feeder, etc. In order to prevent steel articles or parts from falling into the crushing chamber, if possible, a detection iron removal device can be installed behind the vibrating feeder. Adjust the feeding amount of the feeder, increase gradually from small to large. Generally, the height of the material in the crushing chamber should be controlled to be four fifths of the height of the crushing chamber. It should also be noted that the feed particle size should not exceed four fifths of the width of the feed port. The jaw crusher can normally play its appropriate efficiency if the feeding granularity is continuous and uniform.

Maintenance of stone crusher machine in gravel production line:

1. Large feeding port, high crushing chamber, high hardness, large block and less stone powder.

2. The gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer is convenient to adjust, the discharge particle size is effectively controlled, and the particle shape is good.

3. The structure is compact, the machine is rigid and the rotor has large moment of inertia.

4. High chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance, large attack force.

5. Seamless connection, convenient maintenance, economic and reliable.

6. It has the advantages of complete crushing function, high productivity, low wear of machine parts and high comprehensive benefit.

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