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Let the Relay of Love Enter Thousands of Households

There is true “love” everywhere in the world. A kind of “love” we born with it, flowing in the blood, crystallizing in the bones, it is continuously born from the heart, never exhausted, as long as everyone willing to offer a little “love”, just like the shower of the land The flower of happiness blooms everywhere in the world.

Her name is Chen Hongfang, comes from Dongying Village, Wangying Town. It is her, a very ordinary female employee with a thin body holding up a happy family. She has two children, one is 25-year-old, a Postgraduate student, another one is 11-year-old, reading elementary school now. her husband suffers headaches a lot, the nerves of the brain are contracted so that he can’t work as normal. And she has kidney capsule, lumbar protrusion, kidney stones also; The expense of the whole family depends on her salary around 5,000 yuan a month. Sometimes, when she is sick, she still needs hospitalization. Therefore, due to illness and delay in going to work, the monthly work can not be full of work, sometimes a month’s salary is just around 3,000 yuan. Although the family life is hard, she is very happy. With concerns of the party and government departments at all levels. with concerns about the leadership of Wang Yingzhen government, the Dongshan village cadres, and the concerns of the company leaders, she is really glad and happy for that and she works is also very serious and hard.

She is a fitter in the rolling workshop of the all-steel tire factory of Hubei Aulice Tire Co., Ltd. She works quietly in the fitting position, dedication, no complaints. based on her position, always put safety first, strictly control the quality, always bear in mind the responsibility of the post, do not put the non-conforming goods into the next process, work loyalty, due diligence, always considerate and considerate to colleagues Never add trouble to companies and organizations. It is a good employee recognized by the workers, a good colleague, everyone likes her.

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