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ZX670D Facial Tissue & Napkin Case Packing Machine

The packing system of the Soontrue packaging machine consists of a material sorting system, unpacking system, packing system, box sealing system, etc.

By changing the material sorting system, you can meet the packing requirements of a variety of facial tissues. The standard configuration of 3 storage box blanks (can be increased according to customer needs) can be replenished at any time to achieve continuous work without stopping.

Touch screen man-machine operation interface, which effectively monitors equipment operation and fault prompts and is easy to operate.

The whole machine has a simple design, a compact structure, a small footprint and low energy consumption.

Specifications of ZX670D Case Packing Machine

Gas source 0.5-0.7Mpa
Packing speed 5-12Packs / min
Packaging specifications Length 270-520mm
Packaging Materials Corrugated box
Power type 380V 50Hz
Total Weight 4000kg
Dimensions 9200mm long

6400mm width

1900mm high

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