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Medicine Vending Machine

Machine for pharmacy

When you are sick, your first reaction is to go to the hospital to see a doctor, and then the doctor will prescribe medicine according to your condition, etc.

But SARS, AIDS and Ebola, they all came from a wild animal. It is man’s overeating and overkilling of wild animals that causes these catastrophes, People are not allowed to touch each other, otherwise, the virus will spread very quickly. Since the coronavirus appears, China governments adopted emergent isolation and etc, all the people had to stay at home except go outing for daily necessities. All shopping malls and pharmacies etc were closed for business, but some children and the elderly with poor immunity, and were unable to go out even in they had a small cold and fever.

A well-known pharmacy’s owner worried such situation, he cooperated with our AFEN intelligent vending machine and put them in all pharmacies shops of different cities, our AFEN Pharmaceutical Vending Machines are not only solved the problem that they can’t operate and do business without government’s permission but also provides convenient service to people, avoiding to go to the intensive hospital, reducing infection, also letting people experience the 24 hrs self-service shopping fun.

AFEN 24 hours self-service unattended pharmacy can save cost and time of patients, suitable for busy hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, communities, etc. Having AFEN self service vending machine available for your pharmacy shops is great for business!

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